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1. Desktop Application

• Software for the end user.
• Edit your pictures and requests photographic products.
• Photo-albums, greeting cards, calendars, prints...
• Custom styles.
• Multilanguage interface easy to use custom.

2. Web Application

• Software for the end user.
• Solution for online orders fully customizable.
• Add text to your photos and supports multiple formats.
• Communication with payment gateways.
• Interface powerful, flexible and easy to use.

3. Application Shop

• Create photo-albums, edit calendars, greeting cards, personal gifts...
• User interface powerful, flexible and easy to use.
• We provide an SDK for their own POS-sales.
• Automatic price updating, templates, components and versions.

4. BackEnd


• This consists of a set of applications and services that manage the storage of orders, production flow, billing, packaging and shipping.
• It also adds a set of Web tools for registration modules, authentication, payment, and payment gateways incidents.
• It adds support for color management support for ICC v4 included in both fujos input and output.
• All our applications add support for ICC v4 and allow different engines to integrate color management including Adobe® CMM.
• We have printer drivers for Fuji, Imaging Solutions, Agfa, Noritsu, Xerox, Lambda, PoliElecttronica, HP Indigo, ...
• Scanner drivers have to minilab Fuji, Agfa and PoliElecttronica and connection to Kodak scanners,
also any other scanner with Twain and WIA support.